We invest in people because the integral development of the person is at the base of our conception of the world, as we have proclaimed in our ethical code. The expression “human capital” does not convince us completely, because it contains within itself an instrumental idea of the worker, an  equivocal meaning that risks limiting the potential of an organization a priori and of course the collaboration of the people who are part of it. Training is a constant requirement in Hi-flex Italia because it is the basis of the quality of the service we offer to our customers. For this reason, training on technical skills occupies a significant part of the first 3/6 months following entry into the company. In the “onboarding” period, the newcomer spends a lot of time training on products (what we sell) and on organizational procedures (how we work).

Important investments are dedicated to the development of the other axes of competence (cognitive, relational, emotional) with training programs designed ad hoc on the needs of all staff or smaller groups, always with the intervention of certified professionals. Competence and technology are today and will continue to be the propellant of corporate growth in the future.